Why is life made only for to end?
Why do I do all this waiting then?
Why this frightened part of me that’s fated to pretend?
Why is life made only for to end?


"Dreaming of the tenderness, the tremble in the hips, of kissing Mary’s lips, dreaming of Mercy street." 

^ I love this lyric. Love this song. 


Heavenly Creatures, Peter Jackson (1994)

Eternity by Aaron J. Groen

im actually really frightened right now.

there was a guy from last year who used to live in my dorm and i hung out with him until i found out he was super homophobic, racist, misogynistic and he made really violent and scary comments and talked about punching people bloody and wanting to kick the ‘bitches’ in the dorm in the head when they walked by. obviously i quickly cut off all communication with him and tried to avoid him the best I could, but seeing as he lived on my floor it was pretty hard until i changed dorms. 

I was friends with his roommate and he’d tell me that he would punch his pillow like a punching bag at night and do pushups while crying in the middle of the night and he would furiously scratch his desk and twitch and clearly had a lot of problems. When i started avoiding me my friend said he started calling me a ‘fucking skank’ and a ‘raging bitch’ and wanted to push me down the stairs everytime he saw me. he even told my roommate he’d try it if he saw me alone. my dorm room was right next to the stairs.

Now he’s in my astronomy class and keeps staring at me and sits closer and closer to me every class and I can see him just GLARING at me if i turn around to get something out of my bag and its really really scary… today i waited in the lecture hall after class got out and waited for him to leave but he was WAITING FOR ME he just sat there and stared at me for a few minutes and i avoided eye contact and stayed until he finally got up and left. 

I have pepper spray on my keychain but really what can that do if I don’t have that readily available? I don’t know what I’ll do if he tries to approach me. I walk alone at night from my labs. This is terrifying I don’t know what to do because he hasn’t actually made any violent comments or actions to me directly, but I have the receipts from his roommate on what he said. I’m just so uncomfortable and feel so unsafe right now I want to cry.

Be quick dear, times are uncertain
One month crawling, next year blurring
Decades in the drain
Monograms on the brain

(Source: mytrebledheart)

Lauren Bacall (1924-2014)